Wednesday, January 4, 2017

La Chambre de bébé

After much thought, preparation, and renovation we have a little oasis for our little girl (and mostly to be enjoyed by us).  Of course, in typical fashion, I had many lists and "deadlines" going so that way everything would be ready for an {extra} early arrival.  But we are now sitting at 38 weeks and waiting in anticipation for her arrival!  All of my little "deadlines", though, did provide mental relief as we came into the Christmas & holiday season and could truly enjoy time with family and friends!
Once we found-out that we were having a girl, I felt like I had free reign in beginning preparations.  As the room was our guest room, we first of all sold everything that was in there on Craigslist.  This also required us going through everything we had stored in that room, as we had a large storage system in there, and deciding what we really wanted to keep.  During this time, I began doing a lot of research on baby necessities and learning about brands/products and then going on to Craigslist and seeing what was available second-hand.  On Fridays, during the month of October, Captain America worked on preparing the room for painting, as it was a dark red color.  He was able to put a fresh coat of white paint on all of the trimmings and then he did several coats on the walls to get it to a lighter color.  He also installed the chandelier and medallion.

As the space is quite small, we didn't want a lot of stuff.  We were able to get all of the main items second-hand (Craigslist and antique stores) and made our purchases with the money we had sold off of Craigslist from the guest room.  The antique dresser we had already owned and the child rocker is a family heirloom that has been passed-down from my dad's generation, to myself and siblings, to various cousins and now it is our turn to use it on the next child.  Other details were purchased-off of Etsy (hooks, hand-drawn alphabet cards from Russia, crib sheet) and/or found around the house.  And, of course, the little blue dress was made by my mom ("The Queen Bee" and soon to be called "Mamie") and worn by me as a little girl!  
I find this room to be one of the most comfortable places in the house and I enjoy my morning Bible readings in the rocking chair.  Soon, the rocker will also be used for baby soothing time, nursing, and books!  One day, I hope that our daughter will look at these pictures and know that her parents greatly anticipated her entrance into this world with much love.


Danielle said...

Adorable! You are so talented! I can't to meet your little girl :)

Andréa Maul said...

Awww, thanks! Can't wait for you to meet her too!