Thursday, July 20, 2017

March 2017 Update

Dear Friends & Family,

We hope that you are doing well!  We are exceedingly grateful for your support as this portion of our journey is coming to an end.  This last month has been filled, as we have been preparing our house to be a rental, packing up all of the areas that aren't needed on a regular basis, selling or getting rid of items we won't take with us, closing up accounts, receiving final paper work and passports, and saying good-byes to friends.  We did have the chance to share before the Missions Board at our church but their budget is financially full for this year.  We have received confirmation from several of our supporters that they will start support in the month of April, a few one-time donations, as well as a couple of donations towards the French immersion program, "Fleur de Lys"  (three months worth)!  We now have a renter for our own home and we have found and are leasing a home in Saint-Jérôme until July 2018!  We are thankful and amazed by how everything is falling into place, not in our own way, but in God's perfect plan.

This week, we finish up all of the packing, so that way we are ready to fill-up the U-Haul trailer on Saturday.  We will then be staying with Andréa's wonderful parents for the week as we finish cleaning and any other details to make our home rental ready.  We will say our final good-byes and head-out on that Saturday, visiting friends and family along the way, to arrive at our new home on May 1st!  We greatly appreciate your prayers and help in all of this.

A week ago, we had a farewell open house for those in the local area.  We were thoroughly blessed by those who were able to come and offered their support!  Here are some of the slides from our presentation, that will fill you in on more of the details and give you a bit more of a visual of where we will be.

Here is the location of Saint-Jérôme from Montréal:
This is the pastor of the church (pictured with Jason), a view of the city, and some of the remodeling that is being done on the church building:
Thank you to all who have prayed for us in finding a place to call home.  This house is only about 10 minutes, walking, from the church!
A little review of the context in Québec and the dire need for leaders and Christians:
Join us in prayer at 10:02 every morning! By setting your alarms, you will join many leaders and church members as they pray the following verse for current leaders and future leaders:
We are grateful for the financial support that you provide and we are praying that God will prompt hearts to fill that final amount!
We welcome your prayers in the following ways over this next month:
If you are available to help in the following ways, please let us know!
We greatly appreciate your prayers and thoughts as we move to Québec this month! It is exciting that the next time we write to you, it will be from Québec. Please pray with us for the hearts of Quebeckers, that they may come to know the Gospel. 

We are ever so grateful for your prayer and support in our lives!

For His Glory,
Jason, Andréa & Lydia Maul

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