Thursday, July 14, 2016

The News

Here we go again: another adventure...but unlike the others, this one is definitely new terrain!  God works in awe-inspiring and mysterious ways.  Even with waiting, hoping, and expecting God, I don't always know what that means on His timeline.  Sometimes His plans quietly unfold and other times He directs you square in the face, no wondering needed.

As we have worked through naturally treating my UC in the last five years, around four years ago, we decided to go off of the pill and see if it was causing any additional symptoms.  So, for four years now we have allowed for the fact that children could be in our future.  With each passing year, though, we had started to come to the conclusion that having children, naturally, may not be in our future and that we would maybe have to look into adoption/foster care (which are all great avenues that may still be in our future).  So, imagine our surprise when I had the word "pregnant" clearly written on a home-pregnancy test!?  We pretty much spent an entire day in shock/disbelief and then came the realization that this is something so much bigger than us.  His timing is always perfect and His ways are always better than ours.

So, filled with excitement and anticipation we await the arrival of Bébé Maul on January 16th, 2017!  As always, your prayers are very welcomed, especially as we work through this new terrain with my UC.  More details to come as the months unfold...
**I wrote this about two months ago and forgot to post!  I'm now 13 weeks pregnant and on to the second trimester! 


Danielle said...

So happy for you guys!

Andréa Maul said...

Thanks!! Let's look at our calendars and see about a time to get together in August!!

Danielle said...

Yes, great idea!