Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Off The Grid

In the beginning of April, Captain America and myself were able to take a week off for Spring Break and head up to the great 'white' North to visit Nicole.  And this finally gave us the chance to see all of the items that we hauled half-way up to Northern British Columbia last Fall {see this blog entry for more details}.  It was a lovely break from life itself, especially as her safe house is off the grid...no internet or cell phone coverage!
Thankfully, the snow had melted a couple of days before departure and so we were able to make a fairly "easy" eighteen hour drive in no time at all.  The week was an un-rushed time of seeing Nicole's ministry, exploring her 85 acres, hiking, running, relaxing, sight-seeing, and playing with animals.  It's crazy how quickly we fall into habits; after a few days of not using my phone, I would forget to take it into town to check for anything I had "missed" back home.

The land, up there, is absolutely stunning, rustic, and bold.  The backdrop of immense mountain ranges are all around.  I could see why many have traveled all the way up there and then made it their home.  Here are some shots from our time up there and the beautiful scenery:
Nicole has been given such a heart for the people up there and it was beautiful seeing how God is using her.  She has been so diligent in listening to Him and He has blessed her and challenged her in the best of ways: her character.  And from such endurance, she is able to provide hope to the First Nations people.

Another added bonus of staying at the safe house ("Suskwa Valley Youth Society"), was that it has been furnished with many of the furnishings and household necessities that I have grown up with.  So, there were always couches, chairs, bedding, paintings, dishes and decorations popping-up with little reminders of my childhood home.  How wonderful that these items now get to be re-used and loved by another generation of children and families!
Do you have any childhood home items that particularly speak to you?

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