Thursday, July 20, 2017

May 2017 Update

Dear Friends & Family,

We have now been residents of Québec for one month and are proud to report that Lydia is speaking fluent baby French and English!  We are very grateful of your prayers during this time and process.  We hope you are doing well, and we pray and think about you often.  There are a myriad of emotions, as we settle into life here: at times, it is overwhelming, exciting, surreal, challenging, and natural.  We covet your support, now, more than ever.

In May, we shared with you about how the first part of the month proceeded, and specifically our arrival.  Since then, we have continued to make connections with those in the Ecclésia Church body, the greater Fellowship, and the community here.  (Here are most of the women, in the church who have/will give birth in 2017; there will be 17 total and Andréa/Lydia are on the far left).

As stated in our last letter, the Pastor of Ecclésia has shared his schedule with us so that way we can observe, make connections, and be a part of the mission here in Saint-Jérôme.  We are grateful for this opportunity (even with the language barrier) and it is humbling to be a part of the ministry in such a close way.  The church has many small groups. We have been able to meet with the majority of the groups in order to get a feel of the different formats, meet church members, and make connections.  (Here is Jason with several of the pastors for a vision meeting for church-planting in Mont-Tremblant).

Half-way through the month we took part in a church-planting diagnostic interview at SEMBEQ.  This was an opportunity for us to share our background, hearts, experiences, passions, and visions, while allowing the panel the opportunity to see how all of this may fit in the greater scheme of equipping and ministering to the Québec church-body. We are awaiting our evaluation recommendation and will use this as a tool for making next steps in the next year.  We, and more specifically, Jason, have been able to work with his hands and alongside fellow believers as continued work on the church building has been going on through work days.  This has been a great way for him to help and be "productive", regardless of the language barrier.

In this month, we are looking forward to sharing our testimony at church, welcoming the vice-President of Missions Door in our home, taking part in a kids camp (Camp des Bouleaux), attending the Québec Fellowship Pastoral Conference, and preparing for "J'aime mon voisin" in July (a week-long city outreach).   In the meantime, we would appreciate your prayers specifically in the following areas:

  • French Learning: we are waiting for classes to start as the program is in a transitional period.  The program will bring on 30-hour weeks of language training and so we pray for patience as we anticipate the start, as well as, mental and emotional preparation as Jason sits on many meetings with only a basic grasp of the language.
  • Andréa's Health: unfortunately, she has had a flare-up that has gotten very bad in the last week.  We greatly could use prayer for energy, healing, and a quick return to normal, daily routines.  Thank you to those who have already been praying!!
  • Immigration/Transition Paperwork: we have been going through the process of getting our medical established in Canada, applying for child compensation, and need to continue working on Lydia's Canadian citizenship card/passport, and Jason's permanent residency.  Please pray that we can be diligent in these matters, as well as for the paperwork that has already submitted will go through smoothly.
  • Discernment in work for Andréa: we are still waiting on certification to go through with the Ministry here in Québec, although, there are other avenues for work that may be more beneficial for our family.  Please pray with us that God will make clear what type of work (and how much work) Andréa will take part in by the end of Summer.
In all of these items, we know that God's timing is always right.  We pray that He will be clear, provide discernment, and reveal His grace and glory.

In other news, Lydia is doing quite well!  She is now four months old, is sitting-up, laughing, all smiles, able to sit through many meetings, sleeping through the night, and quite the character.

We are ever so grateful for your prayer and support in our lives!

For His Glory,
Jason, Andréa & Lydia Maul

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