Thursday, March 3, 2016

Love Is In The Air

Oh my!  I hope you are ready for picture overload....but with the knowledge that this is just a small portion of the photos that have been collected.

It has been an adventure: my sister is married!  The last two months have been beyond crazy but entirely memorable and I wouldn't take back a single item!  I know, you should never start at the end, but here is the Queen Bee and myself so extremely happy and relieved that it was all pulled-off successfully...
You will have to be patient for all of the actual wedding pictures but you will get to view all of the excitement and activities before, during, and after the wedding.

The fun began with a bachelorette weekend up towards Lummi Island (four days, seven ladies)...great times full of hanging-out, meals, puzzles, games, gifts, snowshoeing, a photo scavenger hunt, and a winery!
Next up, was the bridal shower at the Queen Bee's new home.  It was an afternoon filled with good food, fun and inspiring games, and thoughtful/creative gifts to bless the new bride (photos done by the lovely Miranda).
And before we knew it, my brothers were back home for 10 days to celebrate with us.  Of course, all activities/events included spread sheets and we were purposeful in getting as much time in with them while they were home!  We enjoyed hiking, bowling, a futsal match (2 days before the big day!), late night games, and much more...
The day before the Big Day, the ladies had manicures/pedicures in the morning, followed by a lunch celebration, dress rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner in Portland.
OKAY, so here are a few sneak-peaks from the Big Day...that my uncle kindly took.  Yes, she did make her grand departure in my mom's wedding dress!
With a couple of days still left with my brothers and our Québec family, we were able to go on another hike, play lots of games, and eat meals together.
So now, back to business as 'usual'...which life always proves itself to be anything but usual.  Of course, we were sad to see everyone go but our hearts are filled with great memories.  And we look forward to new memories to come.  We wish my sister and my new brother-in-law a beautiful marriage, filled with God at the center!

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