Sunday, December 14, 2014

Let the Holidays Begin!

And with a blink of an eye, we are into the change of seasons and the beginning of the holidays!  Here is a bit of our comings and goings, in picture version.  Of course, the snowshoeing is coming soon!

One of the best parts of moving into 'colder' weather is that of having a real fire in our fireplace...I have a feeling that enjoying this requires more work on the part of Captain America than myself.
On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we were able to get our very first Christmas tree in this house!  The only other time that we have had a tree was when we were living in our apartment in married housing at Multnomah (almost five years ago).  Since we usually celebrate our anniversary by taking a little trip elsewhere before Christmas, it hasn't seemed worthwhile to get a tree.  This year, though, we are postponing our anniversary trip for January...which will include Rome & Venice!!  So, we were able to create brand new memories in our little bungalow...
The holidays must always include an ugly sweater party...with a big thank you to my brother for providing a classic 'sweater' that went down to my feet...we called it a Christmas snuggy!
My sister's birthday is in December, and with all of the cold, rainy weather, we decided to get in touch with our creative we made our own sets of gift cards.  Who knew that the Queen Bee is so crafty (it's her hands below)?
Last Friday, we took a group of youth, college and young adults to a Winterhawks' game.  For any true Canadian, winter always equals hockey!
Well, those were some of the activities for the beginning of our holiday season and we look forward to much more time with friends and family!  This year will be different as my brothers are living in Hungary.  So our 'time' with them will be in the form of new memories through the magical world of technology!  Although they are far from us, it has been great seeing them make new traditions and memories with those that they are serving and doing life with. 

Whether you are far or close, I pray for hope, love, joy, and peace to you!

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